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Unscented Foaming Hand Soap

You Shouldn't Be Punished

Every time you need to use a public restroom, your hands should not be subjected to the assault of the "battery acid" soap that sits next to the sink.  

Now, you can have your favorite soap with you.

Experience a new liberty and give your hands the soap they deserve.


Holistically Crafted:

Easy to carry: Since this soap fits perfectly in your purse or pocket, you never have to be caught without it again.

Effective cleansing: The soft, gently cleansing lather is a much better option than the harsh chemicals of standard detergent soap. 

Make a difference: Each bottle gives a soap to someone in need.  

No fragrance: This soap is completely free from essential oils and fragrances.  Imagine that - a truly unscented soap!

Recognized for quality: This soap has been recognized by the Kentucky Proud Program, the Kentucky Crafted program and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.


  • Automatic Shipping Discount: Hyssop Tree receives a commercial shipping rate, which is passed directly to you.  That means you receive a discount of up to 30%!  The exact cost of shipping can be found by using the shipping calculator located in your cart.

    Beautifully wrapped: This soap will be custom wrapped for a gift-worthy unboxing experience. 

  • Net Weight: 2.0 ounces.

    Carefully handcrafted with certified organic & natural ingredients.

    • Key Ingredients: Non-hydrogenated and Non-GMO coconut oil, Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Cold-pressed extra premium virgin Olive Oil.
    • Other Ingredients: Purified & distilled Water, Pure canola oil, Certified organic Castor Oil, Cold-pressed sunflower oil, Kosher vegetable glycerin, Potassium hydroxide (none remains in the finished soap).

    What’s NOT in it matters, too.  This soap is completely free from colorants.  This soap harnesses the cleansing power of certified organic apple cider vinegar and the richness of high-quality, cold-pressed olive oil.  There are no added preservatives, so make sure you use this soap within 1 month of purchase.  There are also no added sulfates, detergents, SLS, phthalates, or mineral oil.  

    Made the old-fashioned way.  Did you know that many "handmade" liquid soaps are actually made just like the ones in the supermarket?  This soap is completely different.  Dorathy, a Kentucky Crafted Artisan Soapmaker, makes every soap from scratch using time-honored techniques and a plastic-free process. 

  • To use, lather and rinse.  Wet your hands, add soap and enjoy the gorgeous lather.  Rinse  thoroughly.

    Use within 1 month.  Because there aren't any preservatives in this soap, you should use this soap within 1 month.    

    Works great at the sink or in the shower.  This soap is safe for cleansing body and hands.

Unscented bar, liquid and whipped soaps by Hyssop Tree

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