Treasures Artisan Soap Bar

Art Belongs on Your Soap Dish.

There had to be a reason those Magi brought gifts of frankincense and myrrh.    

What would it be like to actually have those ancient treasures in your home today?    

Thankfully you don't have to keep wondering.  It turns out those wise men knew something we could all learn from.  And by combining both these wonderful ancient treasures in one soap, you can easily experience what the excitement is all about.

        • A Unique Fragrance.  In order to preserve authenticity, the largest portion of fragrance comes frankincense and myrrh.  There is a touch of cedar and citrus to highlight the authentic notes of the ancient scents.  
        • Limited Edition.  This soap took over 2 months to make, and there are only twenty available.  They will not be around for long.  This soap is safe for cleansing your face and body.
        • Authentic Ingredients.  As a nod to ancient traditions, I discovered a very old method of using frankincense and myrrh for this soap.  I was mesmerized by the wisdom embodied in ancient practices, which I tried to preserve as I made this soap.  
        • Perfectly portioned. This 2.5oz soap bar is brilliantly designed to fit perfectly in your hand, it stays rock-solid without becoming slimy, and it’s easy to hold even when your hands are wet.
        • Love your neighbor. Your purchase of this soap also covers the cost of a second soap that is given to someone in need.  You're building our community and encouraging someone through a very tough time.

  • "Authentic"  


    "A nod to the Ancient East..." 


  • Net Weight: 2.5 ounces (70g).

    Carefully handcrafted with certified organic & natural ingredients:

    • Key Ingredients: Raw certified organic Shea Butter (fair trade), Cold-pressed extra premium virgin Olive Oil, Certified Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, Certified Organic Cedar Essential Oil.
    • Other Ingredients: Lard, Pure expeller pressed Coconut Oil, sodium hydroxide (none remains in the finished soap), organic Castor Oil, Natural fragrance oil, Activated charcoal, gold mica.

    What’s NOT in it matters, too.  There are no nano-particles, no artificial detergents, no sulfates, no parabens, no SLS, no mineral oil, and no phthalates.  There are also no preservatives.

    Made the old-fashioned way.  It takes over two months to make this bar of soap!  Using time-honored techniques combined with modern designs makes this soap unique.  In order to create this pattern,  I did have to use a few plastic tools to make this soap.  I am researching other options to make this soap without using any plastic, and when I find it, I'll be using it right away! 

  • To use, lather and rinse.  Enjoy the luscious lather and wash thoroughly.

    Keep it out of standing water.  Allow your soap to dry between uses and keep it out of standing and running water to extend the life of your soap.  

    Before it’s open, store it outside the bathroom.  You can increase the life of your unopened soaps by storing them in a dry location like a hall closet.    

This soap qualifies for Commercial Plus shipping rates, which can be up to 30% less than retail prices.  To calculate the exact cost, use the shipping calculator located in your cart.

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