Reflections (Limited Release)

Look who's back for a short time!

Inspired by cathedral stained glass, this soap features a clear glycerin base that suspends fragments of Hyssop Tree soaps from the past. When light passes through the soap, it glows like the ancient cathedrals.

New colors and patterns emerge as you continue to use the soap, keeping it fun and interesting.  

This soap is my nod to all those let their Light shine.  


  • Gentle cleaning: For over a century, glycerin has been recognized for its ability to clean gently.
  • Non-greasy: Glycerin has been a great choice for cleaning a variety of skin types.
  • Natural: There are no artificial detergents in this soap!
  • Humectant: Glycerin is known to be a humectant, which means it draws water... if you leave this soap in a humid environment, you can actually watch it draw the moisture from the air to and form tiny beads on its surface!


One bar of handcrafted glycerin soap weighing at least 3.5 ounces.

Fun Facts:

Did you know glycerin has been used in many industries since its discovery in the 1800's?  From medicines to printing, creative people have found applications of glycerin in places you might not expect!  Here is a short list of them...

  • medications - both over the counter and prescription
  • general hygiene - from lip products to mouthwash 
  • an agent to soften icing
  • a sweetening agent to confectionery products
  • in making textiles to soften fabric
  • as an ingredient in inks for printing and stamping