Patchouli & Tea Tree Artisan Bar Soap

Don't let a little dirt take your freedom to work up a sweat before a night out with friends.  With this soap, you can take back control of your schedule.

This soap weighs at least 2.5 ounces.  Pairs beautifully with Patchouli & Tea Tree Liquid Hand Soap.

Details Matter

If you've ever felt like you had to orchestrate your active life around your social life, this soap is your game-changer.  The secret is cleaning properly and cleaning everything: dirt, sweat, oil and yesterday's deodorant.  This soap approaches cleaning your skin the same way you face a challenge... with determination!

Cleans Deeply

From the carefully chosen ingredients to the custom blend of essential oils, every single aspect of this soap was intentionally handpicked with the purpose of cleaning well.  If you've never experienced a deep clean, you might be surprised how much dirt is actually lurking around. 
What's even better is that this all-over soap is great for cleaning your face and body.  It's strong enough to handle yesterday's deodorant or an oily face, and it's gentle enough to use every day.


Travels Easily

This bar is smooth and fits in most hands.  That means it can withstand your on-the-go lifestyle... from backpacking to camping, this soap will not fall behind.  



This soap is rock-hard, so it won't get slimy and it dries very quickly.  It also lasts a really long time thanks to my special curing process.



Every soap you purchase also helps someone in need.  Instead of donating 1% or even 5% , Hyssop Tree donates 50%!

One soap is given to someone in need for every soap you get.  Who knew there is a soap as generous as you are?



Vanessa's Story

Patchouli Tea Tree soap by Hyssop Tree cleans deeplyFrom hosting friends to mentoring local youth, Vanessa loves to spend time with others.  She also loves a good workout in her yard.  (And she happens to love power tools as much as I do!)

Using the Patchouli Tea Tree soap after a weekend workout in the yard and just before hosting a small group at her home sealed the deal.  She couldn’t believe how “squeaky clean” she felt because of this bar of soap.  No longer worried about her appearance, she’s free to enjoy time with her friends.

Customer Comments

"I love my Hyssop Tree soaps! They're creamy, never drying and they last FOREVER." - Bri

“It not only cleans my face, and helps reduce break-outs but also, I've noticed that it really helps properly clean my underarms. Other soap doesn't totally clean off my deodorant or help with body odor. As someone who sweats A LOT, it has made a huge difference for my self confidence in that area as well.  I really appreciate you and your drive to develop this soap, because it has made a positive affect on my life!” – Alison

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