Milk & Honey Artisan Bar Soap

Having unique needs can be a burden.  Sometimes they’re not your own choosing, and it’s even worse when you simply can’t find what you are looking for.

My friend Anita was the inspiration behind developing this soap.  And she’s not alone.  There is an increasing need for soaps made without fragrance or essential oils.  And I happen to think it can be done without sacrificing elegance!  Now that you’re not worrying about what soap to use, you’re free to fully enjoy your life!

    • Make a difference: Every soap you purchase sends a soap to someone in need.

      Freedom: No added fragrance oil, no added essential oil, no added colors, no artificial detergents (including SLS) or harsh sulfate cleansers, no phthalates, no mineral oil. 

      Supports local farms: Features raw local honey and lard rendered from local heritage breed pork.

      Elegance: This soap’s gentle caramel complexion and whispers of a sweet aroma are bold statements that unscented doesn’t have to be plain.

      Artisan crafted in micro-batches:  I have attended to every detail of making this beautiful soap, which is never made in plastic, the ingredients are never microwaved, and the temperature of the ingredients is carefully controlled during the creation process.


    • I make this soap with local raw honey and grade A whole goat milk, saponified oils of certified organic shea butter, cold-pressed extra premium virgin olive oil, pure expeller pressed coconut oil, lard rendered from locally raised heritage pork, and certified organic castor oil.  

      At this time dedicated equipment for this soap is not available, however I do thoroughly cleanse and inspect all equipment between batches.

      Each bar of soap weighs at least 2.5 ounces. To use, simply lather and rinse. 


    • Anita felt like she needed to move into a bubble.  After devastating news that she would have to use products without fragrances and essential oils, Anita was quickly frustrated at her lack of options and the anxiety it created.

      Milk & Honey was created specifically for Anita, who now uses the soap from head to toe.  Being liberated from worrying about her cleanser and knowing she is not putting garbage on her skin has enabled her to focus on making beautiful quilts for her customers and spending time with her kids and grandchildren.  Anita has even been known to leave Milk & Honey soap with her kids when she travels to visit them!


Did you know...

The combination of milk and honey dates back to the ancient world.  Milk and honey were used to describe the abundance and fertility of the promised land for the Israelite people as they left Egypt.

In the ancient world, before beekeeping was formalized, honey was found in naturally occurring dead tree trunks and protected nooks of rock formations.  When in abundance, honey literally flowed on the land.

In order to maintain the hives, a full ecosystem had to be present.  This included adequate rainfall and proper soil health to maintain the flowers for the bees. 

The implication of a land flowing with honey to an agricultural society is one of incredible & reliable abundance.




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