Mandala Sunshine Art Quilt

Everyone needs a little sunshine

This quilt started as a beautiful vision that made its way into reality.

In June of 2019, my husband and I set aside some vacation time to tackle a few obstinate house projects including the deck railing and re-painting a 12-foot vaulted ceiling.  Because I was dreading these projects, I thought a small "carrot" would help me stay motivated and get the projects done.

A beautiful hand-dyed fabric from another quilter was just the thing to keep me on task.  As I ran up and down the shaking ladder, I focused my mind on that fabric.  I drew swirls and feathers during my lunch breaks.  When I looked out the front window and saw the sunshine filtering through the trees at sunset, it reminded me of this quilt.

When the housework was finally done, I raced to my studio and was completely overcome by the incredible vision I had for this quilt.  It poured out of my soul and onto this fabric.  The hours flew by as I was completely captivated and compelled to complete this piece.

    • It measures 30 x 30 inches, making it the perfect size for a small to medium wall space. 
    • It features a sleeve in the back so it can easily hang flat against the wall with a shortened yard stick or dowel rod.  Also, because it's so light, it's really easy to hang with removable adhesive hooks or even thumb tacks.  
    • It's made from natural, heirloom materials.  The front and back are 100% cotton, and the batting I used is 100% wool.  I used silk thread on the front to give a subtle pop of reflection.

  • Isn't it amazing how much quilting impacts the texture of the cloth?!? I really love how it brings the hand-dyed pattern to life.  This is the exact image I saw in my mind when I first laid eyes on this fabric.  It's so exciting to see it come to life!


  • Hang flat on wall or lay on flat surface.  Do not store in folded or curled position for extended amounts of time because it can distort the quilting.

    Dry clean only if needed.  Do not expose to high heat as this will damage the wool batting.

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