Lavender Artisan Liquid Soap

You Can Finally Toss the Liquid Soaps You've Been Tolerating.

Bar soaps are great, but there are times when it would be nice to have a liquid.  Like when you're cooking dinner and need to wash your hands, or in your pretty guest bathroom (you know, the one your husband stays out of).

Wouldn't it be nice to have a liquid version of your favorite bar soap?

The soap in your kitchen could finally live up to the soap in your shower.  Having peace of mind eliminates one more thing that you now don't need to worry about.

This soap is:

        • Made to the same exacting standards as the bar soap.  From pure ingredients to being handcrafted in micro-batches, this soap is just as rigorously made as your favorite bar soap.
        • Preservative Free. Don't worry about exposing your skin to preservatives or other chemicals like detergents, sulfates, parabens and phthalates.  This soap is meant to be used within 3 months from purchase.
        • Tastefully fragranced.  The same custom blend that is featured in your favorite bar soap is the same exact blend of lab verified, certified organic essential oils used to fragrance this liquid soap.
        • Counter-top ready.  This 8oz BPA-free bottle comes with a flat disc top cap, which means that all you have to do is remove the safety seal and set it out.  You can use as little or as much as you need.  The classic silver cap and elegantly shaped bottle will look great at your sink or shower. 
        • Caring for your neighbor.  Just like your favorite bar soap, your purchase of this soap also covers the cost of a second soap that is given to someone in need – you are building the community and taking care of someone with every soap you purchase.

  • "I've gotten used to your soap, and I don't know if I can go back to commercial products.  The soap was amazing!"  -Casey


  • Net Weight: 8.0 ounces.

    Carefully handcrafted with certified organic & natural ingredients.

    • Key Ingredients: Non-hydrogenated and Non-GMO Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Cold-pressed extra premium virgin Olive Oil, Lab verified, certified organic lavender essential oil.
    • Other Ingredients: Purified & distilled Water, Pure canola oil, Certified organic Castor Oil, Cold-pressed sunflower oil, Kosher vegetable glycerin, Potassium hydroxide (none remains in the finished soap), and lab verified, certified organic rosemary essential oil.

    What’s NOT in it matters, too.  This soap is completely free from colorants.  The elegant, deep amber color comes from certified organic apple cider vinegar and the rich, high-quality cold-pressed olive oil used to make this soap.  There are no added preservatives, so make sure you use this soap within 3 months of purchase.  There are also no added sulfates, detergents, SLS, phthalates, or mineral oil.  

    Made the old-fashioned way.  Did you know that many "handmade" liquid soaps are actually made just like the ones in the supermarket?  This soap is completely different.  Dorathy, a Kentucky Crafted Artisan Soapmaker, makes every soap from scratch using time-honored techniques and a plastic-free process. 

  • To use, lather and rinse.  Wet your hands, add soap and enjoy the gorgeous lather.  Rinse  thoroughly.

    Use within 3 months.  Because there aren't any preservatives in this soap, you should use this soap within 3 months.    

    Works great at the sink or in the shower.  You can use this soap for washing hands or for washing your body.

This soap qualifies for Commercial Plus shipping rates, which can be up to 30% less than retail prices.  To calculate the exact cost, use the shipping calculator located in your cart.

Lavender soap with Goat Milk by Hyssop Tree

Insider tip: This soap pairs perfectly with the  Lavender bar and whipped soaps!