Harvest Breeze Artisan Soap Bar

A brand new release from Hyssop Tree.

This soap smells like a hay ride through the apple orchard on a crisp autumn afternoon.  It's made with fresh cider, all-natural fragrance, and a new artistic process.  Add this soap to your cart quickly - it's only around for a short time!

Net wt. 2.5oz.  Limited quantity.  


Harvest Breeze inspiration for Hyssop TreeEvery fall, my husband and I go to an orchard and pick farm-fresh apples.  We spend the afternoon together making apple butter spiced with cinnamon, clove and a splash of orange.    

I enjoy this tradition so much that it inspired me to create Harvest Breeze!  


Artistic process

This soap is slightly different than my other Hyssop Tree soaps.

I started with my exclusive formula - the one that the other Hyssop Tree soaps are made from.  In order to really elevate the soap, I used fresh cider from beautiful certified organic pink lady apples!

Kentucky Autumn inspired harvest breeze by hyssop treeA rich, golden orange and deep, burgundy red remind me of our Kentucky hills showing off in the autumn afternoon.  So I used natural mica and a few special processes to achieve the perfect colors.

There is something special about the late afternoon breeze that flows through an orchard.  The design I created reminds me of the sound of leaves rustling and the crispness in the fall air.     

After two long months of curing, this soap is now ready for you!  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Unlike my other Hyssop Tree soaps, I did have to use a few plastic tools to make this soap.  I am researching other options to make this soap without using any plastic, and when I find it, I'll be using it right away!  


All-Natural Fragrance Oil

All-natural fragrance oil in hyssop tree soapsMany essential oils can actually be irritating to the skin.  Some citrus essential oils can even cause a rash when combined with sunshine.  For this reason, I opted for a safer all-natural fragrance oil.  

Just like every other Hyssop Tree soap, the amount of fragrance is considerably less than the industry standard.  That way, the soap smells lovely, but does not leave you (or the person next to you) with a persisting headache!


Small Batch

This soap is a very small limited-release.  In fact, I made just under 20 of them.  I am very meticulous about each soap being well crafted, and the process is very labor-intensive.  So, if you like this soap, you'll want to get yours quickly - I don't think they will be around for very long!



Did you know that every single bar of soap is labeled with an individual batch number?  This information helps me keep track of ingredients.  It's an internal tracking that is part of good practices, but not everyone does it.  I want you to have the best experience you possibly can, so I think the extra effort is worth it!



When you buy any Hyssop Tree soap, you're actually purchasing two.  One is shipped to you right away.  The other one blesses someone in need.

Instead of sending or donating soap far away, I think it is very important to come alongside local non-profit organizations who are invested in the local community.  When we all join forces together, we can help our neighbors and our community to become stronger.

Every soap you purchase blesses someone in need.

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