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Goat Milk & Oatmeal Artisan Bar Soap

This classic combination is my most popular soap.  If you’ve never tried a soap from Hyssop Tree, this bar is a great place to start. 

In fact, it’s where I started many years ago… This soap was the first soap that could stand up to my incredibly high standards and testing.  I was so impressed  that it actually became the beginning of Hyssop Tree soaps.

    • SLS-free: That’s one less exposure to worry about.  There are no added sulfates, artificial detergents, or phthalates. 

      Custom-blended fragrance oils: A very smooth blend of minimal fragrances means you can enjoy a good scent without any more fragrance than necessary. 

      Fully cured: Each bar can last up to a month (sometimes longer) when well-cared for.  They are cured for a minimum of 2 months, which is double the industry standard.

      Free from whiteners: Many lighter colored soaps contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to make them look brighter or whiter.  This soap is free from all added colorants, including whiteners.


    • I make this soap with grade A whole goat milk, 100% natural colloidal oatmeal, and saponified oils of cold-pressed extra premium virgin olive oil, certified organic shea butter, pure expeller pressed coconut oil, lard, and certified organic castor oil.  I also use a small amount of custom blended fragrance oils.

      Each bar of soap weighs at least 2.5 ounces.  To use, simply lather and rinse.


    • “I love this soap! I have always had really sensitive skin, especially my face, and this soap was perfect. It left my skin soft and not at all irritated. The fragrance is lovely as well!” (Facebook)

      “Amazing! Hyssop Tree soap has a relaxing scent, nice lather, rinses clean and moisturizes your skin. It leaves my hands feeling really soft!” (Google)  


Did you know...

Oats originated in the far east and were initially considered a weed.  They eventually gained popularity in the western world.  Fascinatingly, it’s been used for all kinds of functions from animal bedding to alcohol production and even medicinal purposes.  It’s not favored over other grains because of its tendency to spoil.


Goats were thought to be one of the first domesticated animals, along with dogs.  Goats were actually carried on sailing ships as a source of fresh milk.  Did you know that more goat's milk per day is consumed across the globe than cow’s milk?