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Wholesale Artisan Whipped Soap

Artisan Whipped Soap


Artisan Whipped Soap
Whipped Soaps by Hyssop Tree
Hyssop Tree soaps are Kentucky Proud


Hyssop Tree is Kentucky Crafted


A Rare, Gentle Cleansing Experience.

Whipped soaps are almost never made from scratch.  If you can find one, it's a commercially made base featuring detergents and surfactants that has been whipped and fragranced.

Hyssop Tree whipped soaps are unique - they are made completely from scratch using an ancient technique.  Staying true to the traditional methods means avoiding harsh chemicals while preserving the integrity of the premium ingredients.

Hyssop Tree Artisan Whipped Soaps:

All Hyssop Tree whipped soaps are free from artificial detergents (including SLS), mineral oil, and preservatives.  Because the soaps don't contain preservatives, it is recommended that they be used within 3 months.  

The whipped soaps are safe for all over use, so they can be used for cleansing hands, face and body.  These soaps provide the most gentle clean of all Hyssop Tree soaps... they are perfect for cleansing between projects, after shaving, or other times when a deep clean is not desired.


Hyssop Tree Artisan Whipped Soaps contain purified water, Grade A goat milk,  and saponified Raw certified organic shea butter (fair trade), Cold-pressed extra premium virgin Olive Oil, glycerin, Lard, Pure expeller pressed Coconut Oil, and Certified organic Castor Oil.


The whipped soaps come in 4 different options that differ by the essential oil combination:

  • Lavender: Lab verified, certified organic essential oils of Lavender & Rosemary along with oatmeal for a classic, clean combination.  Perfect for someone who is reducing the toxins in her life.
  • Patchouli: Lab verified, certified organic essential oils of Patchouli & Tea Tree, oatmeal, chamomile, and kaolin clay for a renaissance combination.  Preferred by the customer who need a soap that can keep up with her active and outgoing lifestyle.
  • Hyssop: certified organic essential oil of Hyssop and oatmeal and aloe for a spiritually inspired scent.  Perfect for the customer who is looking for a unique scent.  (Hyssop is not recommended for those with epilepsy or pregnancy).
  • Unscented: 100% free from fragrance and essential oils with raw local honey.  Perfect for someone who is sensitive to strong fragrances, or who is looking for a truly unscented soap (they're actually quite hard to find!).



Each whipped soap jar retails for $20 before sales tax.

1 case contains 9 jars of soap.

Each soap purchased provides a soap for someone in need.  This case helps 9 people.


More Information:

Each soap is made by Dorathy, a soap artist recognized for artistic excellence and quality craftsmanship by the Kentucky Crafted Program.

Hyssop Tree soaps are Kentucky Proud products because they are made from locally sourced ingredients and support our local farming economy.


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