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Loving Our Neighbors


Imagine being removed from your home right before the holidays.  Sadly Kentucky has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the nation.  Because of this, many children will be spending Christmas at a facility through no fault of their own.

The Hyssop Tree community rallied to provide each child one year's worth of soap for Christmas.

Your soap made each child at a local facility feel loved, treasured and cared for – this Christmas she knows she’s valuable, beautiful and wanted.

Read the full story here: When a Neighbor Cares.


Imagine receiving a terminal diagnosis and having no home and no family.  Wonderful volunteers at the Hildegard House care for people who find themselves in this situation. 

Because of your purchases, we were able to come alongside the volunteers and offer love, kindness and compassion to people without family, without a home and less than 3 months to live.

Read the article, Giving People are the Happiest People, to get the full story.


Imagine an unforeseen turn of events that jeopardized your home, your job, and your way of life.  Imagine the judgement, isolation and fear while trying to survive.

Warm Blessings provides emergency shelter to people in crisis and serves their patrons with dignity and compassion.

Your soap provided hygiene to someone as he was empowered with practical tools and opportunity to put his life back together again.

A Future

Imagine becoming the primary care-giver for your grandchild and realizing your fixed income is forcing you to choose between food and hygiene.

Christian Appalachian Project is building hope, transforming lives, and sharing Christ's love through service in Appalachia.

You helped Appalachian kids stay in school against the odds.  Your soap was part of a miraculous series of events that provided soap to that child's school. 

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Imagine waking up on Mothers' Day without your children in a temporary shelter. Then imagine a total stranger showing up, telling you that women all over the country care about you.

The Healing Place truly is where hope is found.  

Your soap made a struggling mom feel beautiful and loved on Mothers' Day when she was juggling more than motherhood.


There are no words for despair and darkness that suffocates life.  Imagine fighting for your life and running out of strength.

Isaiah House offers real hope for addiction.  It was started by someone who found his way out and then went back to show others the way.

Your soap empowered women to know they are not alone - that their lives are valuable, and that there is hope. 

Read the full story, Isaiah House Welcomes Hyssop Tree.  I can still feel this in my bones!


Where do you go when your home is no longer safe, and you've finally worked up the courage to leave?  

Spring Haven is committed to empowering victims of domestic violence and offers 24 hour assistance.

On Mother's Day, your soap encouraged women in their isolation, and let them know they are beautiful and loved.


Imagine being terrified at home.  Then imagine being removed from home so fast that you didn't get to pack everything you needed.

Orphan Care Alliance provides opportunities to engage in orphan care.

Your soap provided hygiene and enabled someone to comfort a child whose home was not safe.

You can read the article, Persistence, to get the full story.


Imagine making the most terrifying decision of your life... with your children at stake.  You don't know whom to trust and you pray they don't make you go back.

Your soap became part of a mother's beautiful healing.  You told her she matters when she had just left everything she's ever known.


Imagine having dinner with your family one evening, and your home leveled to the ground the next day.

Your soaps went to victims of severe hurricane damage.  You helped offer them a warm shower & clean hands after their family just lost everything.

"I don't want to occupy this small space in time in mediocrity."

-Beth Moore

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