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Imagine starting with a beautiful fillet medallion from a local organic farm. Then imagine cooking it in the microwave. 

This would be a great beginning to a horror film. 

Personally, I’d prefer a master chef turning the fillet medallions into a memorable dinner in his James Beard award-winning restaurant.

In the same way, starting with fair trade & certified organic shea butter or premium, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is just the beginning.  Some companies prefer the microwave approach.  But Hyssop Tree, like the master chef, prefers the methods of a master craftsman.


How Hyssop Tree soaps are made…

How Hyssop Tree soaps are madeThere are many methods of making soap.  Some use pre-made or pre-mixed kits prepared in hardware-style plastic buckets (the kind you use in the garden).  Others actually re-label commercially made soaps.  One problem with these methods is the fresh, incompletely reacted soap comes into contact with plastic stabilizers.

Unlike the methods above, the ingredients for Hyssop Tree soaps are combined, from scratch, only at the time of soap-making in food-grade, non-reactive vessels.  This way, the active soap never comes into contact with plastic.

Hyssop Tree bar soaps are cured for twice the industry standard because our standard is a firm, slime-free, long lasting bar of soap.  Once they have been fully cured, each batch is tested and each soap is polished by hand.  Finally, each soap is hand-wrapped in recycled paper that has been made in the United States.  

Each batch of the liquid soap also undergoes full testing prior to being poured in food-grade, BPA-free bottles that are made in the United States.  The labels, which are printed by a local print shop, are marked with the batch number and applied to each bottle by hand.

Each and every soap at Hyssop Tree is made and packaged by Dorathy at the studio in Kentucky. 


What Hyssop Tree soaps are made from…

Hyssop Tree Soaps are made from all-natural ingredientsThe key ingredients used in Hyssop Tree soaps are natural and food-grade.  They include fair trade, certified organic shea butter, Non-hydrogenated coconut oil, Certified organic apple cider vinegar with the mother, Certified organic castor oil, and Premium, extra virgin olive oil.

The essential oils used to scent the soaps are all certified organic.  They have also been further evaluated by laboratory analysis for purity of contents.  This is critical because there is no regulatory guideline for the concentration or purity of the oils.  In order to ensure similar strength among batches, the extra laboratory analysis is very important. 


What’s missing from Hyssop Tree soaps…

(this is not an exhaustive list!)

Synthetic detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate – they are not naturally occurring and have questionable safety.  Most liquid soaps, even ones with brown natural labels, contain a synthetic detergent.

Ethoxylated ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate, PEGs and PPGs.  These often occur in personal care products like shampoos and body washes.

Ethanolamines like DEA, MEA/TEA, which are commonly used to boost foam.Hyssop Tree soap is free from synthetic detergents

Zinc oxide, a whitener often seen in sunscreen and other body care products

Titanium dioxide, another whitener (check your toothpaste ingredient list!)


PAHs and synthetic stabilizers, often seen hidden in fragrances.

Formaldehyde, a wide-spread preservative, especially in hair care.

Mineral oil (and other petroleum products like glycols and petroleum jelly).

Preservatives, including parabens.

Alcohols, which are often found in soaps and lotions but can have a drying effect on the skin.

Phthalates and non-natural fragrances, which can be endocrine disrupters.


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