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Unscented Artisan Liquid Soap

If You're Using Bar Soap to Wash Your Hair, We Need to Talk.

Living fragrance-free comes with some very interesting challenges.  Making the adjustment was hard; thankfully that's all in the past now.  But there is one more issue to work through - your hair.  Bar soap just wasn't a good fit.

Liquid soap comes with all the perks you've been telling yourself you can live without.  You already know the relief of finding a soap that you can use.  Now you can experience the same freedom in liquid form.  

This soap is:

        • Fragrance and essential oil free.  A truly unscented soap.  Here at Hyssop Tree, the concept of adding a fragrance to an unscented soap just doesn't make any sense.  This soap is made without anything to enhance the smell.
        • A true soap.  Liquid true soaps are really hard to find.  This soap was made from scratch in-house from start to finish.  No pre-mixed kits, no detergents, no sulfates, no preservatives, and definitely no microwaves!  It's just a very high-quality, artisan crafted, real soap.
        • Versatile.  You can use this soap to clean just about anything.  From using it in the shower to clean your skin, scalp and hair to spot-cleaning clothing and washing hands, this soap's uses are only limited by your creativity.  Just remember this is a true soap and not a shampoo, so individual results will vary.
        • A game-changer.  Finding a quality soap is tough, especially when your skin has unique requirements.  When you purchase this soap, you're also paying for someone in need to have a soap.  Because of your purchase, she has one less thing to worry about as she fights her way out of life's dark corner.

  • "I am sure you get this a lot, but my mind was blown at how much cleaner my skin felt!"  


  • Net Weight: 8.0 ounces.

    Carefully handcrafted with certified organic & natural ingredients.  

    • Key Ingredients: Non-hydrogenated and Non-GMO coconut oil, Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Cold-pressed extra premium virgin Olive Oil.
    • Other Ingredients: Purified & distilled Water, Pure canola oil, Certified organic Castor Oil, Cold-pressed sunflower oil, Kosher vegetable glycerin, Potassium hydroxide (none remains in the finished soap).

    What’s NOT in it matters, too.  This soap is completely free from colorants.  The elegant, deep amber color comes from certified organic apple cider vinegar and the rich, high-quality cold-pressed olive oil used to make this soap.  There are no added preservatives, so make sure you use this soap within 3 months of purchase.  There are also no added sulfates, detergents, SLS, phthalates, or mineral oil.    

    Made the old-fashioned way.  Did you know that many "handmade" liquid soaps are actually made just like the ones in the supermarket?  This soap is completely different.  Dorathy, a Kentucky Crafted Artisan Soapmaker, makes every soap from scratch in the studio using time-honored techniques and a plastic-free process.

  • To use, lather and rinse.  Wet your hands, add soap and enjoy the gorgeous lather.  Rinse  thoroughly.

    Use within 3 months.  Because there aren't any preservatives in this soap, you should use this soap within 3 months.    

    Works great at the sink or in the shower.  You can use this soap for washing hands or for washing your body.

This soap qualifies for Commercial Plus shipping rates, which can be up to 30% less than retail prices.  To calculate the exact cost, use the shipping calculator located in your cart.

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