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Hyssop Tree Artisan Soaps

Unscented Artisan Bar Soap

*formerly Milk & Honey*

Living in a Bubble Should Not Be Your New Life Goal.

The results of your allergy testing sounded an awful lot like Charlie Brown's school teacher.  Since then, a quiet dread has settled in as you slowly let go of any hope that you could ever feel beautiful again without your smell-good soaps and potions.

Is it really possible to find an elegant, truly fragrance-free soap that's not made from chemical soup?

If it were, you'd finally be liberated.  Instead of shopping for a bubble to live in, you could actually go out to a nice dinner with your husband.  You'd stop avoiding selfies with your grandchildren.  You'd be able to visit your kids and feel like your old self again.

Allow me to introduce you to a rare, true soap that is:

        • Actually fragrance and essential oil free. Because it's made from such authentic and exquisite ingredients like certified organic shea butter and local raw honey, this soap gains its elegance from purity instead of chemical soup.
        • Handmade in very small micro-batches. Every step of the making process is controlled with precision.  This way there are no unseen exposures that you don't know about.  The soaps are also never made in plastic, so you don't have to worry about BPA or other harsh exposures.
        • Preservative free.  Don't worry about weeding through a long list of unfamiliar ingredients and hope they're not on your list.  Without preservatives, the ingredient list is actually really easy to read through.
        • Paying it forward.  Every soap you purchase covers the cost of a second soap that's given on your behalf to someone in need.  You're giving someone a hand up while she's struggling through her second chance at life.

  • "My skin feels amazing and no doubt it's clean!!!! IN LOVE WITH THESE SOAPS....The creator of the soaps puts all of her passion and knowledge into the creation of her soaps!"  


    "I love this soap! I have always had really sensitive skin, especially my face, and this soap was perfect." 


  • Net Weight: 2.5 ounces (70g).

    Carefully handcrafted with certified organic & natural ingredients. 

    • Key Ingredients: Cold-pressed extra premium virgin Olive Oil, Raw certified organic Shea Butter (fair trade), Grade A Goat Milk, Local raw Honey.
    • Other Ingredients: Rendered lard, Purified & contaminant-free Water, Pure expeller pressed Coconut Oil, Sodium hydroxide (none remains in the finished soap), Certified organic Castor Oil.

    What’s NOT in it matters, too.  There are no added colorants or pigments, so your soap is free from mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  There are no nano-particles, no artificial detergents, no sulfates, no parabens, no SLS, no mineral oil, and no phthalates.  There are also no preservatives. 

    Made the old-fashioned way.  It takes over two months to make a bar of soap!  To achieve a high-quality soap that is very consistently made, every soap is handcrafted by Dorathy, a Kentucky Crafted Artisan Soapmaker.  This soap is NEVER made in plastic - only non-reactive materials like stainless steel and glass are used during the entire process.  All Hyssop Tree soaps are made using common equipment, but every piece of equipment is cleansed between batches.

  • To use, lather and rinse.  Enjoy the luscious lather and wash thoroughly.

    Keep it out of standing water.  Allow your soap to dry between uses and keep it out of standing and running water to extend the life of your soap.  

    Before it’s open, store it outside the bathroom.  You can increase the life of your unopened soaps by storing them in a dry location like a hall closet.    

This soap qualifies for Commercial Plus shipping rates, which can be up to 30% less than retail prices.  To calculate the exact cost, use the shipping calculator located in your cart.

Fragrance-free and Essential-oil-free Handmade Soaps by Hyssop Tree

Insider tip: This soap pairs perfectly with the Unscentd liquid and whipped soaps!