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by Dorathy for Hyssop Tree January 20, 2021

I was recently listening to a sermon about David and the giant.  It was still on my mind the next day, so I decided to re-read the very familiar story.  

As I reflected on the story, I was led to a whole new insight that I thought was very timely for today.

In the story, a young David comes to check on his brothers because they are in a war.  David overhears the giant defy the God of the Israelites and begins to ask some questions.  The pastor made a great point, indicating that David correctly identified the conflict as spiritual in nature.


David is taken to the king, where David offers to take on the giant.  After answering in discouraging words, the king offers David his armor.  This was a time in Israel's history when they did not have much metalwork, so this armor was very special indeed.  Not to mention, the king was very tall, and David wasn't of the king's stature - in my mind, this reminds me of a child putting on the parent's clothes when playing dress up.

David rejects the armor, including the sword, and heads to battle the giant.  And he makes one quick stop to pick up 5 stones.  This is where the new insight came to me.


The nature of those stones is so very important.  They were smooth stones.  In other words, they were un-hewn. 


In Exodus 20:25, God lays out before the Israelites a requirement for His altar - it is to be made of un-hewn stones, because using a tool on the stone meant the stone was now crafted by a human.  An un-hewn stone was holy - it was made by God.

In this spiritual battle, David rejected man-made armor, and he also rejected man-crafted stone.  He went for God-made stone.


I think it's really easy to look around, be afraid, and put some man-made potion in my slingshot.  It would also be really easy to chisel out what I think would be a perfect solution on my own.  The hardest one to choose would be walking forward in my own weakness, trusting that God Himself will provide.  But that is the only true solution for victory.


So, today I was challenged to ask myself, what am I wielding in my spiritual slingshot?  Am I using a rare and precious sword made from the strongest man-made material?  Am I using a perfectly hewn stone look-alike?  Or am I actually using The Rock to harness His strength in my weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9)?


My prayer for today: Father, give me the vulnerability to evaluate what is in my slingshot and the courage to leave what isn't a smooth stone with the crowd behind me.  Grant me Your strength made perfect in my weakness.  

Dorathy for Hyssop Tree


Dorathy for Hyssop Tree

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