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by Dorathy for Hyssop Tree January 08, 2019

Do you love a good bubble bath?  I sure do!  In fact, I include a weekly bubble bath as part of my self-care routine.  Carving out regular time to just relax and unwind has been one of the best changes I have made to my schedule.

Many people I talk to have noticed that after taking a long soak, their skin can become dry.  This has been a reason they have avoided taking long soaks or warm showers.

Having struggled with both dry and sensitive skin, I have found a way around this, and I’m sharing my hard-fought victory with you today!  It’s based on an ancient ritual of anointing.

Ancient Eastern cultures have observed a ritual of anointing for centuries.  I have been particularly fascinated by the ancient Hebrew culture who used oil for many reasons.  A common use was oil in combination with bathing.  Some people believe it aided the skin in enduring the climate.  They also used perfumed oils for anointing kings, religious leaders like priests, and special occasions.  The Ayurvedic oil bath or self-massage is another ritual of anointing used by ancient Eastern cultures.  It’s another way of applying oil on the skin for its protective and healing properties.

The method I’ve come to find helpful is actually one I discovered in my kitchen.  I have a beautiful maple & walnut cutting board that was made by a local artisan.  In order to protect the wood when I use the cutting board, I have to oil it regularly.

What I do is liberally apply the oil on top of the cutting board and then let it sit until the oil is absorbed.  When it’s absorbed, I apply more oil.  I repeat this process until the wood cannot absorb any further oil and then I wipe away the excess.

This is the exact same principle I use right before my bubble bath. 

I put approximately 2 tablespoons of avocado or rich cold-pressed olive oil in a small container and I find a comfortable place to sit next to my tub.  Then I liberally apply the oil on my skin.  The hard part is waiting for the oil to absorb into my skin.  The drier my skin, the longer this takes (it’s like trying to water a plant whose soil has completely dried out).  When all the oil has been absorbed, I apply more.  I continue until my skin cannot absorb any more oil.  Then I relax in my tub full of bubbles and soak my stress away!

As I’ve tried this method, I have found a few helpful hints:

  • Use caution because the oil will make your skin slippery!
  • If you use products containing mineral oil on your skin, it may prevent your skin from absorbing the oil. (I have personally eliminated all skin-care products with mineral oil.)
  • Experiment with different oils – I have tried a few and avocado oil is my current favorite. Some oils absorb faster than others.
  • I recommend using a dedicated towel for this process, and I always plan on scrubbing the tub before my next soak.
  • Using Hyssop Tree soap after your bubble bath is highly recommended! You can get yours here.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical before I decided to try this.  I think our culture often looks down on using oil on our skin.  But there is a reason I do this almost once a week.  After switching to Hyssop Tree soaps, this has been the next best change I’ve made for my skin. 

If you are brave enough to try this, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Leave your comments below.


Disclaimer: This is not medical advise.  If you try this, it is at your own risk.  Use caution because the oil will make your skin slippery.  Use caution if your skin is damaged or injured.  Neither Dorathy nor Hyssop Tree is responsible for any injury to others, yourself or property as a result of this this post or your actions related to this post.

Dorathy for Hyssop Tree


Dorathy for Hyssop Tree

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