by Dorathy for Hyssop Tree February 05, 2019

Here in the bluegrass state, we recently had a small “snow storm.”  We typically don’t get too much snowfall during the winter, so when we do, things can get interesting.  This particular snowfall came in the late evening.  When I went outside to take a look, there was something magnificent.

Light shining in the darkness by Hyssop TreeMy solar lights around the house were shining bright, even though they were covered in snow.  Even though I couldn’t see the tops of them, there was plenty of light all around my home.

I think sometimes we feel like that – doing good things and trying our best, but getting snowed by the weight of life.  It can be hard to feel like we’re making progress or that it matters.

I remember one of my professors telling me, “you can’t measure what didn’t happen.”  And that’s something I’ve tried to remember.  We often don’t personally experience the impact of doing something kind.  We might hear a thank you, but when it’s for someone we don’t know, the impact gets lost in the chaos of life. 

That’s why this soap means so much to me. 

I was inspired by the stained glass that flooded beautiful light into the massive cathedrals of old.  The reflected light that filled these ancient buildings brought an incredible sense beyond words.  That feeling is what I've tried to capture within this soap.

It's made with a clear glycerin base that reflects light beautifully.  Within it are captured reflections of Hyssop Tree soaps.  Each soap is unique, and as you use the soap (yes, please use it!)  different colors and patterns will emerge.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of trying this soap before, you will also find that it lasts a really long time.  This soap weighs in at 3.5 ounces! 

Because it takes so long to make, I’m only releasing a limited number.  They will be available now through February 14, 2019 (unless they sell out first). 

As the Light shines in the darkness, it’s my hope that our good deeds will shine before others.  It’s also my hope that as you use this soap, you’ll remember the reflections of all those deeds and see the impact you’re making.

Click the link below to purchase your soap before they’re gone!

Remember… when you buy a soap, your purchase also provides a soap for someone in need.  This would make the perfect item for our February project!

Dorathy for Hyssop Tree


Dorathy for Hyssop Tree

Hi, I'm Dorathy! I started Hyssop Tree to connect difference-makers through community. If you're new, welcome! Take a look around and be sure to explore the blog for more interesting articles and the soaps page - where every soap you purchase helps someone in need. Also, I'd like to invite you to join our community - once or twice a month I send out a letter to my pen-pals. Just sign up below!

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