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by Dorathy for Hyssop Tree February 28, 2019

This is about the time of the year that I just can’t wait for spring.  I’m itching for longer days and a green garden.  I also can’t wait for the end of cold and flu season!

When I was younger, my mom taught me to clean and disinfect the house any time someone was sick.  She was very particular about keeping the germs contained when someone started having symptoms.  We even had to use the “sick cup” to keep our germs to ourselves!

I have to say that while I don’t keep a “sick cup” at our home, I do clean like a maniac as soon as anyone starts to have early symptoms.  I wash the sheets, scour the bathroom, and make sure to hit all door knobs and of course the kitchen.

Another thing I do this time of year is to prepare for a spring cleaning.  I can’t wait to scrub down the areas that build up during the winter months.  From cabinet pulls to emptying closets and drawers, I enjoy the chance to deep clean and start afresh. 

Before I started using natural cleaners, I got to the point of needing gloves.  When I forgot to wear gloves, my hands would break out for days after I used the cleaning solutions.  I often wondered what it was doing to the inside of my body!

When I was looking for recipes to make natural cleaners, I found lots of good ideas, but many of them just didn’t work.  I wanted a formula that was easy to remember, made with ingredients I already had in the house, and something that worked. 

After years of tweaking, I’m sharing two of my all-purpose cleaners with you.  If you do plan on making and using these solutions, please see the disclaimer below.


All purpose cleaner

This is the cleaner I use for mirrors, counters and other more frequently cleaned surfaces.  I simply mix up a quarter of my spray bottle with 50/50 rubbing alcohol and vinegar.  I fill the remaining three-quarters of the bottle with distilled water.  I love having a window & mirror cleaner that doesn’t streak, doesn’t stink, and that I can make on-demand!  It does great on tile and I’ve really put it through its paces in the spring on my outdoor windows.  So far, I’ve been pretty happy with this one!


Bleach Cleaner

I was shocked when I realized how simple this cleaner was to make.  At that time, I had accumulated several cleaners that touted how well they killed off the flu, viruses and other things.  Upon researching the world health organization’s recommendations, I quickly realized I was suckered by advertising claims!

Bleach is an incredibly powerful chemical, so please be sure to educate yourself about proper handling before attempting to use it.

The solution I use is a 1:10 bleach to water solution.  If I’m making 100mL of solution, I simply pour 10mL bleach and fill the remainder with distilled water.

A few tips – I use a dedicated spray bottle and mark the bleach fill line with a permanent marker.  I always use “fresh” bleach (its potency decreases with time), and I never use scented bleach.  I always make sure to wear gloves, have good ventilation, and never use with other cleaners.

Do you have a favorite natural cleaner that you’ve perfected?  I’d love to know what you’re using!  Please share your comments below!


Disclaimer: Please know that I am not claiming or implying these cleaners kill the flu (or any other pathogens for that matter!) – I have not tested them in any way.  It’s simply what I use in my home, and I wanted to share them with you.  Please educate yourself appropriately prior to use, should you decide to make them!

Also, if you are planning on making this, please follow proper safety when using bleach.  Sometimes being familiar with something causes us to use less caution.  Bleach is a very strong chemical, and it should be treated with proper respect and safety. 

Dorathy for Hyssop Tree


Dorathy for Hyssop Tree

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