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by Dorathy for Hyssop Tree April 13, 2020

Our world has changed so quickly in just a few short weeks.  From social distancing to staying at home alone, this can be a very challenging time.  I am concerned for those whose homes are not safe, whose pockets are empty and whose hearts are aching.  This is the time that we need to be a community, and we are seemingly isolated.

But the good news is that kindness isn't cancelled.  We can be creative with our time and our talents and still care for each other.  Instead of focusing inward and thinking about ourselves, I'd like to invite you to join me in taking kindness to our community.

Here are 5 ways I've been loving my neighbors this week.  They all cost me next to nothing and made a difference.  


Share your doubles

Do you have something that doubles?  Instead of throwing away the extra, consider sharing.

Every 3 weeks, I have a kombucha starter that grows and needs to be split.  This week, I learned that a neighbor was actually looking for kombucha.  Instead of purchasing an expensive kit online, I created a "how to" sheet and delivered it (with permission) along with the starter.  She was able to get her kombucha started with what she already had around the house.


Support Local

This is a very hard time for small businesses.  Many of us don't qualify for the small business aid that is being offered.  

Instead of making your purchase from a giant online vendor, consider intentionally making a purchase from a small business.  We are struggling just like you.  When you choose to make your purchase from a local small business, you put groceries on a local family's table instead of padding a corporate account.

If you don't need items from your local small businesses, consider purchasing gift cards.  They benefit the local small business, they give you the ability to tell someone you're thinking of them, and they help spread some positive energy.


Make an old fashioned phone call

Trade your social media feed for your contact list.  Take the time you would have used in mindless scrolling through your social media feed and call up on old friend.  

The feelings of isolation are real and the need for an old-school friendship is increasing.  Picking up the phone and actually connecting with someone can make a big difference.


Send a Card (or a soap)

Birthdays, heartaches, and other life events don't stop for coronavirus.  If you know someone is going through a hard time or if someone has an upcoming birthday, send them a card.  A handwritten note says a lot.  

If you'd like an alternative to a card, consider sending them a soap from Hyssop Tree.  You can include a custom note at checkout and they can benefit from a nice bar of soap.  As a bonus, someone in the community will also receive a bar of soap.


Take time to listen

Have you seen people in your neighborhood that you have never met before?  When the weather is nice, take the time to stop and say hi.  Since we're not in a hurry any longer, we can actually stop and spend time with our neighbors.

My husband and I were taking a walk with our dog and learned one of our neighbors had just underwent some very serious circumstances.  We took the time to stop and just listen.  It cost us nothing, but our neighbor walked away with a huge burden lifted. 

Most people don't need someone to fix them, they just need to know someone cares.  Slowing down and just being present can make a really big difference.


Your ideas:

What ways have you found to share kindness during this pandemic?  I would love to share ways that you have been building up your community.  Send me a message with your ideas, and I'll add them to this section!  

I can't wait to hear your ideas; let's take kindness to a whole new level!

Dorathy for Hyssop Tree

Dorathy for Hyssop Tree


Dorathy for Hyssop Tree

Hi, I'm Dorathy! I started Hyssop Tree to connect difference-makers through community. If you're new, welcome! Take a look around and be sure to explore the blog for more interesting articles and the soaps page - where every soap you purchase helps someone in need. Also, I'd like to invite you to join our community - once or twice a month I send out a letter to my pen-pals. Just sign up below!

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