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by Dorathy for Hyssop Tree February 16, 2021

The Story

Mark 5:21-43

A Jewish synagogue leader named Jairus had a 12-year-old daughter who became fatally ill.  He had set out to find Jesus, who had just landed in his town.  When Jairus found Jesus, he fell at His feet and begged Him to come heal his daughter. 

Jesus went with Jairus and a whole crowd of ambulance-chasers came with them.  Out of nowhere, a woman who had a blood flow disorder for 12 years touched Jesus and was immediately healed.  This woman’s boldness to pursue Jesus created a dialogue and a delay.

As Jesus was talking with this woman, friends of Jairus told him that his daughter had died and that he didn’t need to bother Jesus anymore.

After Jesus blessed the healed woman, He turned to Jairus and told him these simple words, “Do not be afraid; only believe.”  Now they were on their way to Jairus’ home.

In his shoes

I can only imagine what was going through Jairus’ mind as he walked back home – was he wrestling with the news of his daughter’s death?  Was he in shock?  Was he numb?  Was he angry with this woman who cut in front of him – if she hadn’t created such a scene, maybe Jesus would have arrived sooner and his daughter wouldn’t have died? 

As they walked toward Jairus’ home, Jesus dismissed the ambulance chasers, and even most of His disciples.  Only His 3 closest friends remained with Him.

The healing

They arrived to quite a scene of professional mourners and a wailing crowd.  Everyone was heart-broken over the death of this 12-year-old girl.  As Jesus addressed the crowd, they mocked Him.  He kicked them all out.

In a simple, delicate and loving way, Jesus touched the girl, and life returned to her body as he spoke to her.  He gave the girl back to her parents.

Miracles & rare chances

Have you lost something?  Has it died?  Have you watched Jesus heal someone else while you cry at His feet?  Has someone else received your miracle?

These words are for you: “Do not be afraid, only believe.”  Jesus is not limited to certain miracles, but only by faith.  Jairus was given time to walk – time to think and time to wrestle with his soul.  He was give the rare chance to actually prepare himself for a miracle.

Instead of being bitter, jealous, angry or feeling rejected, let’s rejoice when someone gets their miracle.  We may be one of the few who receives time to prepare our hearts and souls for the miracle we desperately need.

Jesus is not limited by death or loss.  Do not give up.  Do not loose heart.  Do not fear, only believe.


O Father, we praise you for working miracles in our broken world.  Today I want to rejoice with my sister who has received the miracle she so desperately needed.  I thank you for blessing her and for drawing near to her.  Grant me patience, endurance and hope.  Help me wrestle with my own fear and help me believe.  I know my miracle is just around the corner.  Help me to bring You glory in the way I respond.

Dorathy for Hyssop Tree


Dorathy for Hyssop Tree

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