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by Dorathy for Hyssop Tree January 15, 2019

We live in our skin for the duration of our lives, but many times we take its presence for granted.  Let’s review 4 facts about our skin!

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies.  In fact, it actually makes up a significant portion of how much we weigh.  Around this time of year, most of us are aware of how much we weigh.  Take your weight and multiply it by 15%.  That is how much your skin weighs!  Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

In terms of area, an average adult has approximately 21 square feet of skin.  That seems pretty significant, doesn’t it?  Within those square feet, your skin houses over 11 miles of blood vessels.  Your skin plays a significant role in regulating your body temperature.

The thickness of your skin can change depending on how you use it.  For example, the thickest skin on your body is probably the soles of your feet.  If you’ve ever developed a callous, you have experienced your skin increasing in thickness based on use.  (In case you’re curious, the thinnest skin we have is usually on our eyelids.)

Do you know you shed almost 9lbs per year in skin cells?  Skin regenerates every 28 days and can shed around 40,000 cells each minute.  Talk about an active organ!  This is your skin’s natural exfoliation.  Many ancient cultures used skin brushing as a way to gently encourage the natural exfoliation process.


I think a lot of times we put emphasis on our heart, intestines or other organs in our body.  And sometimes our skin gets left out. 

How about you – did you learn something new about your skin?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Dorathy for Hyssop Tree


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