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I'm Dorathy, the founder of Hyssop Tree.

Welcome to my corner of the internet dedicated to difference-makers like yourself.

Together, we're taking better care of ourselves and blessing our neighbors in need.

Meet Dorathy
Let's Make a Difference!

Working together makes us unstoppable.

When you buy a soap, you're actually paying for two.

You get one.  The other is given on your behalf to someone in need. 

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Thoughtful Kindness

She is local.  She is in need.  She's making good choices and just needs to know we care.

She is our neighbor.

Meet my Neighbors

Excellent products.  Great customer service.  Dorathy is extremely knowledgeable & answers all of my questions.  It’s service you can trust! 

— Lindsay 


This is the highest quality soap I’ve found, and I can tell a remarkable difference in my skin using this soap compared to conventional, and even other small business soaps.

— Casey 


I’ve noticed that it really helps properly clean my underarms.  Other soap doesn’t totally clean off my deodorant or help with body odor. 

As someone who sweats A LOT, it has made a huge difference for my self confidence in that area as well.  I really appreciate you and your drive to develop this soap, because it has made a positive affect on my life!

— Alison 


This soap is wonderful. It is the only soap my daughter can use on her face.

— Dana 

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